Blockchain Development


Blockchain solutions are an excellent platform for running open, decentralized systems. Providing and modifying the encryption structures and systems typical of the technology allows for reliable data storage, Internet-based movement, and optimal operation of cryptocurrencies. For institutions, companies, single or multi-player processes and to design and build distrustful systems on a blockchain basis.


It is also important and useful to make an appropriate wallet that suits your given circumstances and goals. We help with planning to create wallets that meet your needs and provide outstanding security. (Ez nem tudom mennyire jó, nem tudtam máshogy írni)
On the one hand, we are engaged in the development of multi-signature wallets. On the other hand we also develop wallets for our own developed and existing coins / tokens.


Tokenization is the current most modern solution for digitizing values. This allows us to minimize administrative costs and yet safely and transparently move values in the form of data, eliminating the possibility of manipulation. Our company undertakes the development of various electronic funds on Ethereum, Stellar lumens, or other platforms, or for your own blockchain.


A well-thought-out smart contract brings security, convenience and mutual trust to the parties.

  • Smart contracts for lawyers / attorneys and business partners - Smart Legal Contracts
  • Smart Contract Operated by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations - DAO
  • Distributed applications - Dapps
  • Smart contract related devices - IoT pairing
  • Create Proof of Existence documents for multiple networks